An interesting collection of topics.

Have any countries/cultures begun to reverse the trend line that has resulted in such a large proportion of single males, or are we all following the same path? I fear it raises the odds of aberrant behaviors by disaffected male loners such as experienced last week in Maine.

Re: GDP per capita & the USA’s lofty standing- I recently spent several weeks in the Netherlands and Germany. I find it surprising that they have GDP/Capita numbers lower than the USA despite appearing to have much smaller proportions of their population living in extreme poverty. Are USA numbers skewed upward by our collection of billionaires?

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Single Males: I found data for this by county/age/year but it will take a little time for me to answer the question with a good graph. On my to-do list.

GDP per capita: The measure used for inequality is the Gini coefficient. The U.S. is around 40, while the countries you mentioned are around 30, where closer to 0 is more equality. So, our GDP per capita is higher while we still have plenty of poor due to inequality. Map with Gini coefficients and an explanation of what it means: https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/gini-coefficient-by-country.

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