Quick Takes

China and solar, white sturgeon, health coverage, Exxon and more
Planetary boundaries, free speech, billion dollar disasters, the Stones and more
Bad analysis, education and privilege, energy and climate, the spinning cd and more
Straws, COVID, energy, racial wealth gap, a cool sea level visual, the spinning cd and more
CO2, energy, anti nuclear spending, and more
Lots of fun charts and useful information with a note about grasshoppers
polling, AI, cooling building, college completing, the spinning CD and more
Phones, romans, no more doom and gloom and more
lack of trust in news, self-censorship, sea ice, homeownership, marriage helps cancer, reporting professors, and more
Not racism, record temps, confusing graphs, meaningless significance, and more
Record heat, higher ed's decline, reindustrialization and more
What I found interesting this past week